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Friday, May 1, 2009

Hand Sanitizer and Swine..CDC

Washington DC...nothing changes....The manufacturers of Soapopular hand sanitizer reached out to Dr. Richard Bresser, Director US CDC and shared with him and his senior staff independent lab tests re: their products efficacy with regard to Swine Flu, and specifically asked why the CDC continues to recommend alcohol hand sanitizers, despite the fact that at least 3 different government agencies have banned the flammable substance.

The reply? Dr. Bresser forward the note to an aide with the simple words "another business opportunity" and the recipient on his team replied to Soapopular with:

Thank you

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Caroline Sulal

EOC Partners LNO

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To Representative Anthony Weiner (NY)... You're comment from the NY Times with respect to swine flu..."my colleagues and I are in a fetal position and bathing in Purell.."

Mr. Weiner--in all due respect, for you to have made a statement like that, all that anyone can say is that perhaps while you were in a fetal position, your head may have gotten stuck in an orifice.

A colleague of your's claimed that his DWI was a direct result of applying too much Purell to his hands. Insofar as the ability to kill germs, we'd say, yes, pour alcohol on anything and its likely to kill it..including protective skin cells.

We'd award you the Biden Foot-In-Mouth Award--and at the same time, we're happy to educate you and advise that non-alcohol hand sanitizer products using benzalkonium chloride are also effective against hoof and mouth disease.

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