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Monday, May 11, 2009

1 Manufacturer Has Abundant Supply Of Hand Sanitizer (Alcohol-Free);Sought Out By Mexican Govt

And the CDC still doesn't get it i.e. clarifying the fact that at least (4) US government agencies have prohibited alcohol hand sanitizers and will only procure alcohol-free alternatives.

From: Besser, Rich (CDC/COTPER/OD) []
Sent: Saturday, May 02, 2009 6:37 AM
Subject: Re: Lab Report: BAC vs. Swine Flu

Got it. I understand now. I appreciate the heads up re: inconsistency. I'll see if we can address it.


Richard E. Besser, MD
Acting Director, CDC and
Acting Administrator, ATSDR

From: jay b
To: Besser, Rich (CDC/COTPER/OD)
Sent: Fri May 01 18:18:25 2009
Subject: FW: Lab Report: BAC vs. Swine Flu
Dr. Besser..
You might be the busiest guy in the country right now.
Just a note to you i.e. the confusion CDC is creating i.e. alcohol hand sanitizer was not a "business request."
US DOT, GSA and US Navy have all contacted our company specifically requesting alcohol-free hand sanitizer and expressing frustation that CDC continues to recommend alcohol when those agencies prohibit it.
Spokespeople at CDC have said informally "we don't recommend alcohol hand sanitizers', yet its pervasive in all CDC news releases.
Your office pointed me to a website and suggested that I fill out online form to "schedule a meeting". Some things in Washington will never change, so it seems
Best of've got a tough job!
Jay B.

Cc: EOC Swine Influenza, (CDC)
Subject: Follow-up Reply - Lab Report: BAC vs. Swine Flu

Sir see the follow-up reply below.
John Aldahondo
Task Tracker Lead

2009 H1N1
1. CDC is currently recommending alcohol based sanitizers.

2. Correct, CDC does not recommend specific products.

3. Your specific inquiry regarding any other products is beyond the scope of the Infection Control Desk in the Emergency Operations Center .

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