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Saturday, May 2, 2009

CDC's Bresser Replies to Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Topic

Well, sort of.

In an email exchange at 6.40 this am, it was fascinating to have received a personal email from CDC interim director Richard Bresser acknowledging receipt of communication requesting the CDC to comment as to why they are failing to endorse anything but alcohol as a means for hand hygiene protection and in connection with swine flu out break.

Dr. Bresser acknowledged that information and education about specific formuals, and the specifc question, and he forwarded along the inquiry and insisted that his staff provide a reply.

In the way in which only Washington can, this was the reply from Dr. Bresser's appointed staff member.:

John Aldahondo
Task Tracker Lead

2009 H1N1

1. CDC is currently recommending alcohol based sanitizers.
3. Correct, CDC does not recommend specific products
2. This (your question re:alcohol-free alternatives) is beyond the scope of the Infection Control Desk in the Emergency Operations Center.

4. The most appropriate product for cleansing hands when caring for patients [ with C. difficile ] remains controversial.

And at the same time, a news report from Southern California identifed the arrest of a teenager that attempted to poison his teacher by pouring Purell into the teacher's coffee. We don't make this stuff up.. Click the link at the top.

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