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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"Organic" Hand Sanitizers--Marketing Genius

Its always inspiring to notice how consumer product manufacturers word smith their packaging to appeal to latest trends--and the buyer inflection points. "Organic"--could be the hottest word of the decade--and its a phrase that hand sanitizer manufacturer's are grasping at.
Who doesn't love Burt's Bee's products??? I do..But Burt, in all due respect, putting your hands on the word organic because the primary ingredient in your hand sanitizer is corn alcohol is no different than saying Coca Cola is organic because it uses cocoa beans.
Alcohol-based products are flammable and corn alcohol is typically the common ingredient in moonshine. Do we want to put it on our hands because its organic?? There are a few other 'organic' products that I wouldn't put on my hands also.

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