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Friday, September 14, 2007

What's Popular?

Fair and Balanced reporting--three talk show hosts compare alcohol-based Purell to Dial Soap and Soapopular brand, Canada's leading alcohol-free (and fragrance free!) hand sanitizer.


Anonymous said...

Just heard about this site..finally! I'm an Infection Control specialist for a hospital in New England--and we didn't install purell dispensers for two reasons: our staff actually hates the dry/irritated side effect of alcohol-sanitizers--and we've heard from other hospitals that do have alcohol-dispensers that the floors are being ruined as a result of the alcohol dripping on to the wax floor. Thanks also for pointing to Soapopular!

Anonymom said...

Hands2GO is the leading non-alcohol hand sanitizer in the US. It was invented and patented by a mother specifically for use by kids (although anyone can use it). I don't go anywhere without it. Just yesterday we were at a music festival and there was no soap in the bathrooms, so luckily I had Hands2GO in my bag.