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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fair and Balanced Blog Comments

After noticing one of the first comments to recent posting, lets make sure everyone understands the rules of this blog.

1. We encourage comments, and for the immediate time being, we'll let comments be posted without interference. We can change that if people violate the rules

2. Even if they're biased, we'll post them. including any comments that the alcohol-based manufacturers might want to contribute; that keeps the dialogue spirited and informative

3. We won't post comments that are submitted 'anonymously' that make claims that a specific product is the "leader". A posting making a reference to something called hand 2 go suggested exactly that. We've heard of the product, its not a bad one, been around for a few years actually, and it actually made it to a few retailer shelves. But its ridiculously expensive--upwards of 50% more when comparing like-sized bottles to Canada's alcohol-free, fragrance free Soapopular.

Unless you are the manufacturer, and have Neilsen audits that can document claims about being the industry leader, we can only guess you are a shill.

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