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Friday, July 30, 2010

Purell To Request Temporary Restraining Order Against Matt Lauer??

After hearing about a legal action taken by the most ubiquitous brand in the alcohol hand sanitizer space--which targets a minority-owned firm for purportedly 'misleading customers about the dangers of our alcohol hand sanitizer..and taking away our customers..", we tripped over the following news clip from the NBC Today Show.

This is the clip in which Matt Lauer broadcast to millions of people and reported that among other things, in 2006 alone, more than 10,000 children were reported to have been subjected to alcohol poisoning after ingesting alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Interesting to note, Lauer held up a bottle of Purell in front of the camera to cite the leading brand.

Sort of makes one smirk when hearing that a corporate behemoth is laying blame on losing market share to an otherwise small competitor that promotes alcohol-free hand sanitizers, when this video is merely one of dozens of similar news stories that numerous media outlets have broadcast over the past 3 years.

Hand sanitizer warning for kids
Hand sanitizer warning for kids

Sidebar note: We received the following yesterday; from an RN working in a mid-west hospital and opining on the same manufacturer:
"I am a RN who works in a hospital that uses Purell. I have recently developed some allergies to chemicals in Purell. My hands have fissures from over drying also. I am trying to find [an alcohol-free] product that is acceptable for use in the hospital..."
Thank you
K. Hall RN BSNs

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Feminine Hygiene Products said...

i wonder how much money purrell is going to receive for this. It is really common sense that hand sanitizers are not meant to be ingested.