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Friday, July 30, 2010

Infection Control Professionals Prefer Foam to Gel for Antiseptic Hand Cleansers

The results of a survey conducted at APIC 2010, indicate that infection control professionals prefer foam over gel 2:1 for antiseptic hand cleansers. According to the Antiseptic Skin Cleanser End User Survey July 2010, "60% [of infection control professionals] prefer an antiseptic hand cleanser in foam form compared to the 30% who prefer gel form." Other survey results include the strong desire for antiseptic hand cleanser products to be less irritating to the skin..

ed. note: Most, if not all alcohol-free hand sanitizers are dispensed in foam format..while the vast majority of legacy, alcohol-based products are gel format.

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Feminine Hygiene Products said...

the foam hand sanitizers use less liquid making it last longer in the restrooms. This saves money and time. It works better because the sanitizer is already foamy and lathery so it picks up germs into the bubbles and kills them