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Friday, September 4, 2009

Waco Schools:Alcohol Hand Sanitizers Get Kids Drunk; District Chooses "Soapopular" Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer

We couldn't make these stories up..
This from News Channel 25 in Waco, Texas

WEST- A product being used in schools to protect your children from germs is getting some students into trouble. Teens are actually drinking hand sanitizer, which is about 65 percent ethyl alcohol, to get drunk.

Although students are not ingesting hand sanitizer at West I.S.D., the district is being proactive, hoping to prevent what's going on nationwide. The district is replacing the alcohol-based hand sanitizers in bathrooms and classrooms with a non-alcohol based sanitizer.

Many hand sanitizers are mostly ethyl alcohol, which is the same as in alcoholic beverages. But they can also contain isopropyl alcohol which can be dangerous if ingested.

"There's also ingredients in these which can be a ingredient in antifreeze and can be very toxic," said Dr. Hinds, who has a strong warning for teens even thinking about tasting hand sanitizer.

"It's very dangerous. Don't do it. It should never be ingested for any reason whatsoever," said Dr. Hinds.

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