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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Texas School District To Implement Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer System Wide: 8000 Students

COPPERAS COVE – The Copperas Cove school board voted Tuesday to dip into reserves to fund a $30,000 district-wide hand sanitizer program and approved a road map that will direct district technology plans for the next three years.

The hand sanitizer program proposed by Copperas Cove Independent School District Superintendent Rose Cameron to help stave off germs and the flu will place dispensers of a non-alcohol based foam sanitizer in high-traffic areas of all CCISD schools, such as cafeterias and computer labs.

Though the district would get the dispensers for free, Cameron has estimated the cost of the foam itself at about $150 a day as more than 8,200 students use it daily.

The board had to vote on the issue at the regular meeting Monday night because the $30,000 annual cost was not included in the budget already approved. The vote was unanimous.

"It's a fairly small amount when you look at our budget, and I think it's an important thing," Cameron said. "We don't do it just to do it, and this is something that came up after the budget process."

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