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Friday, July 25, 2008

US Navy Bans Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers

Excerpted email sent to manufacturer of one of the more popular alcohol-free hand sanitizers from a senior civilian executive at the US Naval Surface Warfare Department..

"...Funny thing, I was aboard an Aircraft Carrier two weeks ago and the officer in charge of hazardous material management mentioned to me (without asking) that they are unable to carry hand sanitizers on the ship due to their flammability and sometimes drinkability. I bet you can guess what I told him. I’m looking into what I can do in such a case. There are restrictions called out in official documentation that prevent the ship from utilizing hand sanitizers due to the alcohol content. What the documents are lacking, is the option to use alcohol-free alternatives that could be qualified for use. These documents never change overnight, but with the right push and a few phone calls, we can get the ball rolling. The ship really does want hand sanitizers to be available to the sailors, but cannot work around the restrictions at this time. I’ll see what I can do from this end to help them out.

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