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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hand Hygiene Myths

Myth 26. Soap kills germs. – Plain (non-antibacterial) hand soap does not kill germs. Instead, it lifts the germs off the surface of your skin, forcing them to be washed down the drain. You want to use a non-antimicrobial soap.

Myth 27. Alcohol is a great antiseptic for open wounds. – Alcohol is a great disinfectant for intact skin and inanimate, non-living things. Alcohol is not effective or healthy when applied into open wounds. When used on open, exposed tissue, alcohol actually kills some of the human tissue along with the germs. This can drastically delay the healing of larger wounds.

Exactly why we take the side of NON-alcohol based hand sanitizing products when washing with soap and water isn't convenient

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