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Saturday, July 12, 2008

University of Washington Finds e.Coli threat on campus keyboards

Courtesy of the Seattle Times---we all know that computer keyboards are a petrie dish when it comes to hosting easily transmitted germs and bacteria, and here's a story that merely reminds us that good hand hygiene, and proper hand sanitizer products can help diminish the risk...Btw--kudos again to the gang at MGS Soapopular for the many Hy5's they've been getting in connection with powering CleanMedia's Sanipost hand sanitizer dispensing kiosks located throughout Detroit's Comerica Park

By Arla Shephard

Seattle Times staff reporter

E-mail may not be all that's at your fingertips if you use computers at the University of Washington — or for that matter, if you touch public keyboards just about anywhere.

As part of a research project, eight UW students have discovered high levels of fecal coliform, the bacteria found in fecal matter, on keyboards at the two busiest computer area.
Keyboards at Odegaard were cleaned Thursday, the day after an article about the findings was printed in the UW student paper, The Daily, said UW spokesman Bob Roseth.

Library officials said the keyboards would now be cleaned on a weekly basis and that they are looking at ways to make sure all public keyboards on campus are sanitary.

The discussion comes amid a general growing awareness of the nasty things we pass around on shared surfaces such as gym benches, telephones and grocery-cart handles.

Raising awareness that there are risks associated with keyboards is important, especially in places like hospitals where nurses and doctors use them after treating patients, said Gwy-Am Shin, an associate professor at the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences.

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