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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Leading Manufacturer Leans to Alcohol-Free

In connection with recent press release issued by one of the country's leading manufacturers of soaps, lotions and hand sanitizer products.... here's the extract: (Worth pointing out that this manufacturer produces both alcohol and alcohol-free sanitizers, yet it doesn't take any reading-in-between the lines to figure out what the company really thinks i.e. which formula makes more sense.

"....We are very excited about bringing this great line of customizable dispensers to the Betty Mills customer, said Allen Soden, President of DEB SBS. Personalized dispensers offer unique branding and messaging opportunities, so businesses of all sizes can now get the benefits of private label through Betty Mills.

".....Indeed, research shows that when it comes to killing germs, alcohol-free hand sanitizers produce the same results as their alcohol-based competitors, yet they minimize the chances of alcohol poisoning as well as dryness and skin irritation. In fact, benzalkonium chloride, the active germ-killing ingredient is considered one of the safest synthetic antimicrobials known.....

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