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Friday, November 19, 2010

Purell Exec Says Use of Product Won't Protect Against Flu or Viruses; Yale University Report

In a smartly-written article by Yale Graduate Student Michaela Panter that demystifies the nonsense that Purell marketers have been perpetuating (by simply saying nothing and otherwise allowing to perpetuate), Ms. Panter points out the little-advertised non-features of pouring alcohol-gel on to your hands in the hope it protects against germs and bacteria..

"...In contrast, stomach viruses and the cold virus, which are non-enveloped, are alcohol-resistant. Dr. James Arbogast of GOJO Industries, the company that invented Purell, suggests that a sanitizer made of 70 percent alcohol might inactivate stomach viruses more effectively, but such high-concentration sanitizers aren’t in common use (Purell is a 62% potion; but if you mix in two tbls of salt into a handful of alcohol-gel sanitizer, you've got yourself a great home-brewed cocktail).

Click on the title link for the full report from the Yale Daily News.
Sidebar note to the lovely lawyers at GOJO:  Do a little research re: 1st Amendment before contemplating sending any threatening letters. We just report what's being reported by others.

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