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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kimberly-Clark Expert: US Businesses Lose $74 Billion/yr To Absenteeism

"Every year, businesses in the United States lose $74 billion due to absenteeism. And the germs that cause absenteeism are coming in the door every day with their employees and then being spread throughout the workplace," said Andy Clement, director of the hand hygiene and tissue business for Kimberly-Clark Professional.  "It's crucial to break the chain of transmission wherever these employees go."

According to one study, use of appropriate hand sanitizer can reduce a person's sick days by 21 percent. 

"Change hand and surface hygiene behaviors and make these behaviors part of an office worker's daily routine and you can break the links in the germ transmission chain," Clement said. "If you do, you'll have a healthy workplace and healthier employees."

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