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Saturday, May 22, 2010

New season of swine flu could be coming

ABC News May 17

Hospitals brace for flu influx

".."We're concerned coming into winter with the reports from the Northern Hemisphere that the swine flu will almost certainly make its way back down.."

Associated Press - May 18, 2010 1:34 PM ET
FAIRBANKS, Alaska (AP) - Alaska's last confirmed case of swine flu was six weeks ago, but public health officials expect it to return later this year.

Rochester, NY --- One year ago a new strain of flu was spreading and on its way to becoming a worldwide pandemic.  H1N1 is sure to return... but local health officials are optimistic that we're all better prepared for it after this past year

May 21 Birmingham Mail

World Cup swine flu warning 

MIDLAND health bosses have warned of new swine flu outbreaks as football fever sweeps the nation.Fans heading to the World Cup in South Africa are being advised to avoid the risk of picking up the virus abroad and bringing it back to the UK.

The Independent  Monday, 3 May 2010
"..Without doubt, fear of avian flu shaped the world's response to swine flu. Avian flu emerged more than a decade ago in the Far East and in 2004 began its march across the globe, infecting poultry flocks, wild birds and the occasional person as it went. With 495 people infected so far and 292 deaths, its 60 per cent death rate posed a serious threat. Swine flu has – mercifully – proved to be a kitten, not a tiger. Will it turn out to be the weakest pandemic in history? It is too early to say; it could yet return with a vengeance next winter. 

The Daily Telegraph Apr 22 2010
Swine flu will be back in the winter: scientists
The pandemic is not over and the H1N1 virus is likely to return in the winter when flu would normally be expected, scientists have said.

Suite 101 Mar 2010

Dynamic Swine Flu Threat Will Persist Through 2010, Experts Say

 Pratt Tribune May 12 2010

H1N1 Hasn't Gone Away

"...Many people consider the 2009 “swine flu” epidemic as another over-hyped, sky-is-falling media scare, Dr. Jason Eberhart-Phillips, Kansas State Health Officer, acknowledged.
“That’s unfortunate,” he wrote in an opinion column, “because now is a good time to take stock of what we have learned about H1N1 flu in the past year, and start to prepare for the unpredictable — but inevitable — next chapter in humanity’s ongoing coexistence with this new virus.”

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