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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hand Hygiene Innovators: Kudos to Canada's Cascades

MONTREAL - Paper products maker Cascades is looking for new commercial markets with its antibacterial paper towel aimed at cutting down the amount of bacteria spread by hand contact.
Cascades (TSX: CAS.TO) is launching what it calls an "intelligent" antibacterial paper towel that it says compensates for sloppy hand washing in pubic places and business.

The green-coloured paper towel has an antibacterial ingredient that lasts for 30 minutes after hand drying, the Quebec-based company said Tuesday. Cascades said it has added antibacterial ingredient benzalkonium chloride, used in hand and face washes, to the paper towel. It maintains the ingredient reduces the amount of bacteria left on hands after drying and protects them from "subsequent bacterial contamination."

The product is targeted at the food-processing and restaurant sectors, medical clinics, schools and daycares, it said.

"This innovation responds to a need for improved hand hygiene that is frequently cited by public health experts in recent years," said president and CEO Alain Lemaire.

It's not destined for grocery stores at this time and is only for the Canadian market until the company gets approval to market it in the United States and Europe.

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