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Monday, March 8, 2010

Study Finds Hand Sanitizer Program Helped Produce 20% Decrease in Hospital-Acquired Infections

A State of Tennessee Department of Health Study, which focused on statistics gathered for the year 2008 and published in January 2010, found a 20% decrease in projected hospital-acquired infections.

"....Dave Roberts, vice president and chief medical officer at Jackson General stated,
"Jackson General takes many steps to help prevent hospital-acquired infections. From the 1,500 hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the hospital to staff checklists, the goal is to get the number of infections down to zero.."

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Anonymous said...

Please thank all involved in getting your Soapopular hand sanitizer to me. I tried it immediately and it was such a pleasure to use a sanitizer without going through a "coughing episode" due to the fumes/fragrance.
I took it to my pulmonary rehabilitation session at Jefferson Regional Medical Center yesterday and the respiratory therapists tried it and had positive comments. I will be at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in NYC next month to meet with the transplant team and will share the news about finding this treasure!!!! I plan to bring some to the lung transplant educational meetings in April and give some to the pre-transplant and post transplant people. They will be so happy, no more dry hands and harsh chemical smell.