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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Consumers Raise Their Hands With Product Testimonials i.e. Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizers

We love when manufacturers share their customer testimonials---this sent in from the popular guys and gals at "Soapopular brand"...which is apparently ranked #2 on Amazon in the hand sanitizer category and Top 5 in the child healthcare product category.

Dear Soapopular:

I found out about your product by doing a search at Amazon. My son used to use the foaming hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works - they had grape, banana, etc - but they've stopped making it. They only have perfume-y varieties now. So I went looking for another source. We tried one bottle of the Purell foaming sanitizer, and it was awful - it smelled strongly of alcohol and the foam just wouldn't "dissolve" into your hands. But your product seems perfect because it's not alcohol based and it has no fragrance

Again, thanks for your quick response - I really appreciate your great service!

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