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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Inmates Drunk on Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Try Escape: Prison Warden Missed The Memo?

And we thought that every prison had received "the memo" that prohibits alcohol-based hand sanitizer within state and federal prisons... 

Three men who tried to break out of the Saskatoon Correctional Centre in September are on their way to federal prison.
Kendal Campeau, 20, Brett Wapass, 21, and Randy Brabant, 23, pleaded guilty in provincial court to charges of attempted escape, kidnapping and forcibly seizing three jail guards while armed with shanks made from an oven rack.
All three inmates were drunk on prison-made alcohol and hand sanitizer when they forced their way into a staff office at the facility on the night of Sept. 11, holding weapons to the guards' throats and demanding their keys, court heard.

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