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Monday, June 7, 2010

iPads crawling with bacteria

It's enough to make a techie iGag.
Some of the sleek new iPads users play with at city Apple stores are laced with potentially dangerous bacteria or are just plain dirty, a Daily News investigation revealed.
Of four iPads that were swabbed in two stores last month and then tested in a lab, two contained harmful pathogens.
"Eww," said Brittany Smith, 20, of Canarsie, Brooklyn, after hearing the test results outside Apple's flagship store on Fifth Ave. "Now I need some hand sanitizer."
The News used medical swabs to covertly collect samples from two iPads in the midtown store and the Meatpacking District location on 14th St. They were then tested for culturable bacteria by the New Jersey-based EMSL Analytical Inc.
One sample, collected at the 14th St. store, contained Staphylococcus aureus, the most common cause of staph infections, which can lead to an array of ailments, from minor skin infection to meningitis.
"It can easily cause disease," said research analyst Farbo Nekouei, who evaluated the data for ESML. "It's not a good bacteria."
The second swab from that store only contained benign, skin-borne microbes, but in unusually high quantities, pointing to an extremely grimy iPad.

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