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Friday, February 19, 2010

Soup Kitchen To Stop Dispensing Alcohol Hand Sanitizer: Seeks Non-Alcohol Product

To our friends at GOJO Industries that love to visit this blog on a daily basis, this story, including the photo image, comes courtesy of Winnipeg, Canada NewsRadio 980....So, if this story gets your dander up, we recommend that you complain to the FDA about the news station, instead of complaining to them about this blog!

Saskatoon Soup Kitchen Removes Hand Sanitizer

Move comes after reports of abuse
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Hand sanitizer dispensers started showing up almost everywhere after fears of the H1N1 flu virus spread in 2009.  But lately, some dispensers have been allowed to run dry after reports of people drinking the alcohol based antiseptic.  The Friendship Inn, a Saskatoon soup kitchen, stopped offering hand sanitizer about two weeks ago, according to Executive Director Giselle Doell.

"At this point we are trying to source out a hand sanitizer that is not alcohol based,"  Doell said.  "We're here to help people, not to harm them."

Doell says the discovery that some people were drinking the gel was "alarming".

Recently, there have been reports out of Winnipeg of people using salt to separate the alcohol from the hand sanitizer

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