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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wall St. Journal Profiles Soapopular Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

In a Dec 16 WSJ article profiling claims made by manufacturers of hand sanitizer and other "H1N1-related products", a popular maker of alcohol-free hand sanitizer products received attribution for providing clarity and transparency on the topic of effectiveness claims.

Taking a stand that most marketers would rather not, Soapopular spokesperson made it clear that FDA prohibits advertising specific effectiveness claims, even if the company has secured independent lab studies demonstrating effectiveness against a broad spectrum of pathogens,

The spokesperson further stated "Proper hand hygiene is all about common sense steps--and however much lab tests can deliver very compelling results, the real-world fact is that nobody can guarantee that individuals won't be exposed to virus-causing germs..We just believe that non-alcohol products make more sense when compared to alcohol."

Kudos to Soapopular for their integrity, transparency and logic!

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