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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Connecticut Man jailed for drinking sanitizer

BANTAM — A New Milford man was jailed Friday for reportedly ingesting hand sanitizer last week at a residential facility, in an attempt to get drunk.

Bantam Superior Court Judge Corinne Klatt increased bonds in three cases pending against Paul Hosey, 22, by $500 each. Hosey was scheduled to return to court Oct. 23.

“He admitted to drinking the hand sanitizer for the purposes of becoming intoxicated,” Assistant State’s Attorney Jonathan Knight said.

On Aug. 27, the court ordered Hosey to be held under house arrest at the Alternative Incarceration Center in Waterbury while his cases were pending in court.

AIC staff found a plastic cup with a cloudy liquid on the floor by Hosey’s bed on Oct. 2. Initially Hosey denied drinking the hand sanitizer, telling staff he used it to clean himself. But Hosey’s eyes were bloodshot and he appeared disheveled, according to a report.

Hosey’s blood alcohol level was .92. He admitted to drinking the liquid, but added that there were worse personal hygiene products he could have used, including rubbing alcohol and Listerine mouth wash.

Hosey was taken to the hospital for treatment.

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