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Thursday, August 13, 2009

AP News: Puerto Rico Health Care Experts Warn of alleged ineffectiveness of Alcohol Hand Sanitizers

Below is a loose translation (thanks to Google word monkey) of an excerpt from a news story distributed yesterday by AP news and published by El Nuevo Dia, a leading Puerto Rico-based media outlet. Please click on the title link to the actual news report.

"Doctors Warn of risks of hand sanitizer; Urges the authorities to guide alleged ineffectiveness of the products based on alcohol

"...The hand sanitizer that has been recommended by the authorities as part of preventive measures against influenza AH1N1 is not as effective as cree said today Dr. Silvia Collazo, a specialist in Family Medicine.

Collazo said at a press conference that based hand sanitizer alcohol, known as "hand sanitizers", lose their effectiveness to three minutes of applied dry skin and exposing the pores to more contamination of bacteria, viruses and germs..."

"The disinfectant with the active ingredient in alcohol is also an unsafe in the hands of children because it is a flammable product. The label of the majority has no instructions on what minimum amount should be applied and has not been created for parents aware of the dangers their children may have, "he said at a press conference.."

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