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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Obama Shouts Out Alert Re: Swine Flu & Hand Hygiene--Alcohol-FREE Hand Sanitizers

We don't believe in panics, and notwithstanding the news media's alarmist alarms, even President Obama is expressing concerns.

Fact: Swine flu, like many other airborne pathogens are difficult to defend against.

Fact: One of the best ways to protect against 'catching' these types of viruses is to obviously stay clear of those that display flu symptoms, but to practice good hand hygiene protocols.

This means washing with soap and water frequently--especially after touching or coming into contact with any type of foreign object. Door knobs, key boards, chairs, subway straps, escalator handles, telephones, the list goes on and on.

The MOST IMPORTANT FACT: Many of the thousands of 'officials' that are publishing "what to do to protect against...swine flu.." statements are erroneously 'recommending' alcohol hand sanitizers.

These are the 'officials' that have no idea, no education on the topic of hand sanitizers, and don't realize that there are numerous alcohol-free hand sanitizer products that provide better protection against swine flu, are safer to the skin, are non-toxic and non-flammable.

The scary part isn't the potential 'pandemic'..but the fact that many 'public officials' have been provided no training, no education, and have no idea that what they've been told to 'recommend' is information from 12 years ago, and that the 'source' for information--the US Centers For Disease Control, has warned against alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Alcohol-free hand sanitizer brands to evaluate: Soapopular, Hy5, Hand2go... Or simply google search to educate yourself!

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