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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More Hospitals Migrating To Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizers

According to the manufacturer of Soapopular brand alcohol-free hand sanitizer, Ontario's York Central Hospital, a 420+ bed facility employing more than 1200 staff serving a community of 1.3 million residents is the most recent hospital to raise their hands and say " NO MORE ALCOHOL HAND SANITIZER, PLEASE!"

Noted Soapopular's President Steve Orrett "We've always been happy to extend a helping hand to the hospital sector, but its only recently that they've have actually reached out to us as they shift their mindset away from the legacy products, and embrace practical, cost-efficient and necessarily equally, if not more effective solutions that can support hand hygiene protocols without the negative side-effects and dangers associated with the ubiquitous, alcohol gel products.

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