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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Child Injured After Teacher Instructs To "Wash With Alcohol Sanitizer"

We couldn't make up stories like these..

Per the link, an Austin TX school teacher demands that her 12 year old student "wash her hands" with an alcohol hand sanitizer, and when the moronic teacher realizes that the alcohol does not clean dirt from the hands, she instructs her student to use a abrasive cleaner.

What a surprise that the 12 year old child was subsequently treated for skin burns at a local hospital.

We love school teachers...those that are actually educated themselves. Aside from this truly frightening example of ineptitude, is the truly frightening number of people that actually believe that alcohol hand sanitizers clean the hands.

We remain strong advocates of washing with appropriate soap and water, and when a sink isn't available, those that opt for hand sanitizer products for the purpose of killing germs/bacteria and viruses should be using non-alcohol, rinse free products. Two such brands are profiled at SoapyUSA

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