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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Alcohol Gels: NO Impact on Cold-related viruses

Click on the link to the story from NPR. It otherwise says that alcohol-based hand sanitizer gels have no effectiveness insofar as viruses associated with the common cold.

Aside, leading experts, including those from the Mayo Clinic, have repeatedly pointed out that alcohol-based products have NO residual germ-killing effect and that cold-related viruses thrive in dry conditions.

Dry conditions necessarily include skin that becomes dry/irritated after applying alcohol-based gels.

All exactly why experts that have researched the topic are recommending alcohol-free hand sanitizers; primarily those that incorporate the organic compound benzalkonium chloride.

You know that our favorite products include those that have no fragrance and no dye imbedded in the formulation. And, we recommend price comparison shopping. Products such as Hy5 and Soapopular continue to prove to be the most compelling when compared to the various brands on the market.

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