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Friday, November 21, 2008

Round of Applause To Proactive School Nurses Re: Hand Hygiene Initiative

Nice round of applause to the head nurses at each of the following school districts that paid close attention when the manufacturer of Soapopular alcohol free hand free hand sanitizer responded to a nurse's message on a school nurse chat site seeking free hygiene products:

Thanks to Mary Ferone, RN of Plainfield IL, and in less than four hours, the folks at MGS Brands, the US Distributor of Soapopular extended their hands to the head nurses at 7 major school districts, and facilitated the delivery of Soapopular product to more than 2500 elementary and high school students and teaching staff at schools in Barrington IL; Carlinville, IL; Warren, NJ; Waterville,ME; Lafayette,IN; West Milton, OH, and Mission, TX.

Nice job nurses!!

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