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Saturday, October 18, 2008

US Congressman Convicted of DUI: Attorney Attributes It To Alcohol In Purell Hand Sanitizer

Excerpt from Oct 18 2008 Washington Post:
"...After a nearly eight-hour trial in Alexandria traffic court, Rep. Vito Fossella of New York was found guilty last night of driving under the influence, but the judge did not decide whether the Republican congressman was so drunk he should go to jail.
...During breaks on the floor, Fossella said, he sometimes repaired to a side office and cleaned his hands with Purell, a hand sanitizer that is more than 60 percent ethyl alcohol, according to its manufacturer. His attorneys said the alcohol in the Purell contributed to the elevated blood-alcohol reading many hours later..."

One can simply go to and search key words "alcohol hand sanitizer" to discover how easy it is to make a 120 proof cocktail by mixing Purell into club soda.
Just another reason why we're becoming ever so popular for promoting the use of alcohol-free hand sanitizers

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