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Friday, August 8, 2008

Arizona Schools Banning Alcohol Hand Santizers-Back To School Shopping Quandry

Actually, not much of a quandry for the teachers and moms that are receiving memo's re: back to school supplies, "but don't provide your kids with alcohol-based hand sanitizers (you know the brands, Purell, GermX, etc)

In the past four days, we've received calls from 4 different elementary school systems in Arizona asking for guidance on where/how to procure non-alcohol based hand sanitizers...The pat on hand answer is : go to and type in "hand sanitizer"'ll find only one product--and its alcohol free...or go to your Wal-Mart supercenter--they carry "Soapopular", or go to, they carry this product also... Others are out there, but most have fragrances or some type of coloration...that's not popular with those concerned about allergic reactions.

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