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Monday, March 24, 2008

Lysol brand adds more fuel to the fire--with alcohol hand sanitizer

One would think that Lysol a respected, leading brand, would 'get it' insofar as introducing a hand sanitizing product that uses the same active ingredient that's being systematically banned across the country by schools, licensed day care facilities and others--all of whom are reaching out for safer and friendlier alcohol-free products that provide equal, if not better germ/virus killing efficacy.

A point that didn't pass over the head of a leading brand expert:
"..Still, it remains to be seen whether it will convert consumers from their existing brands, said Robert Passikoff, president of Brand Keys, New York. "It takes time to migrate brands into other categories," he said, "and not all brands are as flexible as others. Lysol would not be the first company that mistook a marketing opportunity as a brand strategy."

Lysol's new product "Healthy Touch" is pictured on the right. A 5 oz. serving (dispensed in foam) can be had for $4.77 at select Wal-Mart stores. Mix it up with club soda, and you'll be the life of the party.

Alternatively, you can purchase an 8.4 oz bottle (60%+ more formula) of Soapopular's Alcohol-Free/Fragrance Free product (pictured on left side) at Target for $4.79.

Its safer, equally if not more effective i.e. germ/virus killing (same active ingredient as Bacteine), providers greater persistency, and it will leave hands feeling soft--whereas alcohol-based products necessarily cause hands to become dry and irritated. According to the manufacturer, Soapopular will also be available at Wal-Mart starting in May--so it'll be interesting to see whether Bob Passikoff's observation about Lysol's marketing strategy works--or goes up in flames.

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