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Monday, January 21, 2008

Manufacturer Raises Their Hand-Nice Offer!

We just noticed that the US license for Soapopular brand has extended a free sample offer via the company's online website--nice idea! (Click on the image to the right-their store locator indicates Soapopular products are available at Target, Drug Fair, Xpect Discounts, and a variety of of supermarkets, including Stew Leonard's of Connecticut, A&P, Pathmark, Waldbaums and IGA independent grocers in New England.) When you go their website, they are also offering to send free sample cases to any school that requests them. Nice idea, especially when considering the many incidents of MRSA being reported!

We also noticed that a product called HandClens is on the shelf at select Costco locations--and the price for their club pak-$9.99 for [2] 8 oz bottles and [3] 1.7oz bottles is certainly cheap--but their product has a blue dye and comes with a fragrance..If you're shopping there, you'll look in the soap area, should be easy to find, the value pak bottles resembles Windex.. This product is also available on can read the reviews by clicking here

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