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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Michigan Jail fighting MRSA with Alcohol-Free Hand Santizers

Excerpt from Adrian Daily Telegram (Adrian, Michigan)

Jail fighting MRSA

ADRIAN — Responding to several recent cases of inmates infected with MRSA, an antibiotic- resistant bacteria, the Lenawee County Jail is installing 18 dispensers of hand sanitizers.

“It’s our attempt to be proactive in this MRSA outbreak,” jail commander Dennis Steenrod told county commissioners Thursday during a committee meeting. “I’m confident it will help solve the problem.”

The dispensers are free, but the criminal justice committee was asked to approve $1,700 for a year’s supply of an alcohol-free sanitizer that will be available to inmates as well as corrections officers. Steenrod said inmates who are diagnosed with MRSA infections are being isolated from other prisoners and their cells sanitized.

Sheriff Larry Richardson told the committee that a greater effort is being made to disinfect prisoners being brought into jail before they are placed in cellblocks.

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