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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizers Not Just For Hands!

Here's an interesting testimonial forwarded to us...and referencing one of the more popular alcohol-free hand sanitizer products--suggesting that its not only useful when applying to the hands!

From: mmaser []
Sent: Monday, September 20, 2010 7:29 PM

You may recall I contacted you two weeks ago to inquire about using 'Soapopular' alcohol-free hand sanitizer to address a jock-itch (fungal) infection that was plaguing me, and I said I'd let you know how it turned out. If you're sitting down, I'll break the news to you:

Using just under 1/2 bottle of 'Soapopular' (100 ml [3 oz] size; $3.00 retail cost), the product was instrumental in resolving my infection; That's right, I applied it 2-3 times per day for 3-5 days, then once per day for another 4-5 days, and voilĂ , the infection has completely cleared. 

That means your product did something that none of the other 20 or so products that I tried in the past 3.5 months did. These products included "All-Stop Healing Gel" [available through  which, as we discussed, is comprised of almost the same ingredients as 'Soapopular' (and costs a lot more).  Now, as I was mentioning to you, I was trying All-Stop when I contacted you but I wasn't happy with it. Despite it's 'guarantee' (the only product I tried that offered a guarantee btw), it left a residue that hardened and then became very flaky and prickly. This added to my discomfort and I would not recommended AS HG because of this. Your product did NOT leave such a residue, it went on easily, dried quickly and, overall, I would definitely recommend it to others suffering from this god-awful affliction. 

[What led me to Soapopular you ask? Intrigued by the “All-Stop” guarantee (what was backed by many testimonials) but unsatisfied with the results of using the product, I checked the ingredients, saw the main ingredient - Benzalkonium Chloride - is pretty common in hand disinfectants, headed to the drug store to check these out, then saw that the ingredient listing of Soapopular is very similar -- most similar, in fact, to any of about 5 others that were available and that I checked. I thought $3 was worthwhile investment, considering I'd already spent hundreds of dollars, headed home, did a big test patch on my arm, then called you the next day. ] 

I think that's pretty remarkable and I hope you will bring this story to others, including researchers for a few reasons: 

i. The product was effective in a short period of time!

ii. Conventional, over-the-counter remedies for this, including the often-available Tinactin, Cruex, Micatin, Lamisil, Clotrimazole, Sporanox were ineffective for me. I tried all of these - creams and oral prescriptions, and none of them resolved the infection. I think there are a couple of reasons for this: the creams continue to moisturize and that just is not the way to go in trying to resolve this; then there is the issue of organism resistance to these pharmaceutical products. In the many scientific research papers I scanned about this condition (I have a science background) I kept reading about how resistance by to the Tinea organisms to these conventional pharmaceutical products (all mentioned above) is increasing, worldwide, and that researchers are now seeking broad-spectrum anti-microbials to improve the efficacy in overcoming such infections. 

iii. Males, in particular, need some better (more effective) products to choose from than the few ineffective products that I found stocked on almost all the drug store shelves I checked. 

Obviously, you will need a greater population of test-rabbits than just me! The only thing I would add is that I experienced no injurious or discomforting side effects in 10 days of using Soapopular, something I sure can't say about almost every product I tried. 

I have provided my initial comments to you about Soapopular unsolicited and without any understanding or expectation of reward. 
Given my experiences in attempting to address and overcome this infection (I wouldn't wish what I just went through on my worst enemy), 
I think you may have something that will help ease the discomfort of this for other people and I'm pleased to contribute to those efforts in some way. 

FYI - here is some more biographical info on me:   I am a 52-year old male, married, professional, fit, with good overall health (so I thought!). I believe I acquired this infection - a pretty resistant organism IMO - through one yoga class I attended at a local recreation center late last spring. 

Sincerely, Michael M.
Gibsons BC Canada

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